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It was 1976 when Cyn met a Belgian Shepherd named Katie when she was assigned to her as her guardian and companion. She worked for a year as the only female employee at a wilderness camp for troubled teens. Katie was by her side every day and ignited a lifelong passion for working dogs. She went on to study German shepherds, dog health, breeding and training practices. Her goal was to one day achieve one of the highest obedience titles, the IPO 3 BHOT. This meant she would not only have to own, handle, and train her own dog, she would have to have her own breeding line. Twenty years and five generations of healthy, stable, working line German Shepherds later, she achieved her goal and so much more. Her puppies have been chosen for work in law enforcement, detection, competition obedience, for service dog work and as family guardians. 




With her certification from the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors (NADOI), Cyn started Von Bahneman K9 training in 1990 with just twenty dogs. Her training program follows the AKC standard and features classes from puppy to adult, and includes Canine Good Citizen (CGC), CGC Advanced, CGC Urban, and Therapy dog training and testing. Unlike other training programs, Von Bahneman K9 Training works with every dog and owner to assess their different needs and expectations. Von Bahneman is not a board and train program, but one that tailors a unique approach using methods and tools that will meet you and your dog where you are and lead you to your own success. Being a working dog oriented program, Von Bahneman K9 training works to prove there are no bad dogs, just bad relationships. Now having grown to a class schedule with more than 10 trainers and volunteers and over 150 dogs weekly, the program beginning with puppy imprinting is focused on teaching humans how dogs learn and building a bond, not just Sit, Down, and Come. Changing the lives of people and dogs for the better and for the future through understanding. 




After personally experiencing the benefits of a service dog herself, Cynthia expanded her training program to include classes and individualized training for service work in 2010. In support of her son and his service to the US Army 160th SOAR, she works extensively with veterans who can benefit from a service dog companion after their return from active duty. Her training program builds the bond between the veteran and their dog and empowers them with the knowledge to learn side by side with their four-legged partner on their training journey. A successful service dog can be a life changing intervention for veterans facing physical, mental, and emotional challenges.

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