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My name is Aaron Thompson. I'm medically retired, it's been 2 years now. My career started in Sep 2005 when I joined the Marine Corps at the age of 27. My life was going nowhere fast. After hitting rock bottom and being almost homeless my Sister who then was in the Marine Corps 15yrs at that time, helped me talk to recruiters and figure out what I could do. I went to San Diego MCRD because I wanted to take a different path from my sister. She was Motor T and I went Aviation. I was just shy of 12yrs. I chased deployments but no luck ith the Squadrons I was with. Finished in Recruiting here in Pittsburgh and Crossed over to the Army National Guard where i did another 4 working as a recruiter during which time 2yrs in I got hurt during my APFT session and ended up have multiple spine surgeries and getting Med Boarded and 100 percent Medically Retired as a SSG with 16yrs total active service.

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