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Josh Hallmark is a 38 year old United States Marine Corps veteran. He enlisted in the Marine Corps in August of 2007. After boot camp, combat training, and  MOS school, Josh was stationed in Yuma, AZ. During his time in Yuma, Josh served with MWSS 371 as a member of Crash Fire Rescue. Prior to a 2009 deployment to Helmand Province, Afghanistan, Josh was selected to become a member of the Incident Response Team (IRT). During his deployment he provided convoy security for the Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) unit and also was part of a Quick Reaction Force (QRF). During his deployment Josh aided EOD in the removal/ destruction of over 300 explosive devices and provided convoy security on many missions. Upon returning from deployment Josh was promoted to the rank of Sgt. After four years in the Marine Corps, Josh decided it was time to come home to Pittsburgh and try something new.


After his four year enlistment in the Marine Corps Josh decided to become a Pittsburgh Firefighter. With a background in Crash Fire Rescue already this seemed like an easy transition. In 2015 Josh was hired by the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire (PBF). Currently, Josh is about to hit his 10 year mark with Bureau of Fire. For the last year and a half Josh has become a member of the PBF’s Peer Support Team. The Peer Support Team is dedicated to providing members with support for each other. Helping members through reflective listening and providing members in need with the proper resources to deal with a multitude of issues including critical incidents. 

Currently, Josh is working with the Peer Support Team and Gunny’s Ridge to develop PBF’s first ever emotional support/ therapy/ critical incident dog program to help provide additional resources for it’s members and surrounding communities. Maverick, the golden retriever, along with Josh, are starting a two year training program with Von Bahneman K9 training. Gunny’s Ridge has been crucial to getting PBF’s dog program in motion by sponsoring Maverick and as well as the training classes by Von Bahneman K9 training. 

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